Le Torri di Bagnara

New Year, New Offers !

I’m afraid it’s official, the festivities are now over but we have for you the happier news that if you book your holiday before the 31st of January we’ll throw in: a Special Discount on your reservation A welcome hamper with our farms produce (extra virgin olive oil, 3 kind of honey, fresh vegetables) and a selection of Umbria delicacies A selection of the best Umbrian white & red wines Perugia Museo cards: each card allows 1 adult + 1 […]

October 4th – Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi

The feast of St Francis of Assisi is celebrated on October 4 worldwide annually to remember the life of St Francis, the Catholic Church’s patron saint of animals and the environment. For two days, starting on October 3, the town of Assisi is illuminated by oil lamps burning consecrated oil brought from a different Italian town each year. Solemn religious services are held in the Basilica of St Francis and in the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Children bring their […]

Le Torri di Bagnara featured in Robb Report

La Dolce Villa – Umbria   Castello di Bagnara ➤ LOCATION Within the Tenuta di Bagnara estate and reserve, near the Tuscan border.

Perugia San Costanzo

Constantius of Perugia, the Saint who winks at the young women.

Today Perugia celebrates one of its patron saints – Saint Constantius (also known as Costantius, Constance or Costanzo) (died c. 170 AD). Local tradition makes him the first Bishop of Perugia. This tradition states that he became the first bishop of the city at the age of 30. He was active in evangelism and care for the poor.

Inspire Your Spring Travels

Spring is the perfect time to visit Umbria and Tuscany, when nature stirs from its winter-long siesta. Gorgeous medieval feasts, antiques markets, an annual religious festival with stunning floral designs and a superb rural food fair are just some of the treasures you’ll find this Spring. Look at our list of Umbria & Tuscany nearby events and get inspired. All of them take place between 20 and 90 minutes driving distance from Le Torri di Bagnara.

Handmade hospitality

At Le Torri di Bagnara we are pioneers of handmade hospitality. We’ve learned that the finest homes are made with love and labour, crafted and cared for by their owners. So our luxury vacation villa-castles  were renovated  to enjoy as an exclusive Umbria & Tuscany vacation resort. The result is that our holiday homes are designed perfectly for large, diverse family reunions, destination weddings or corporate groups. But handmade hospitality isn’t just about the finest homes. We know what counts –  a friendly […]

Avec Paris, toujours.

We, along with the rest of the world, are shocked and saddened by the unspeakable attacks in Paris, a city everyone loves so dearly. In moments of tragedy, we feel powerless to help. But we’re not. Engaging with the world is the only way to make it a better and more loving place. Paris, we love you.

Come to experience the magic autumn atmosphere at Le Torri di Bagnara and enjoy Truffle Hunting.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable Autumn day with truffle hunting in Umbria, across the beautiful 1,500-acre Bagnara Estate. Enjoy a relaxing, enjoyable, and absolutely unique morning  with a local hunter and his expert dog. The Bagnara Estate’s  forests, made up of beech and oak trees, are rich in the famous Umbrian black truffles of both the winter and summer varieties. There are amazing views to be had in every direction as you stroll the countryside.

Excellent food experiences at Le Torri di Bagnara.

Fresh vegetables, the famous “Chianina” veal meat (it’s the one famous for the T-bone steak), extra virgin olive oil, black truffles, Porcini mushrooms, wild asparagus, fresh eggs, pure honey. All products of our farm to be enjoyed with the doc red and white wines from our Tuscan vineyards.

The suggestion of pure ‎nature‬ is waiting for you around Le Torri di Bagnara

Imagine a 1500-acre very private green oasis, consisting of plains, hills, dotted with towers, castles, small lakes, streams, woods, pastures, sunflower fields,  PGI olive grove, herds of deer and hares and unspoiled landscapes immersed in the splendor of history and the charm of nature. This is the “Tenuta di Bagnara”, a superb historic estate and nature  reserve – with a working farm –  located in Umbria along the Tiber Northern Valley, near the borders of Tuscany, close by Assisi and Cortona, […]