Experience for yourself this inspirational concept in Umbrian living. This lost-in-time retreat is dedicated to nourishing body and mind and makes a tailor-made base for the best stay in central Italy. Enjoy the comfort and authenticity of a luxury home rental with the service and amenities of a grand hotel.

Our castles are not merely private houses rented by the owner, but luxury accommodation with a hotel Licence. This ensures our guests are guaranteed first-rate quality and safety standards, both in the structure and in the offered services, are met. The water in the swimming pool is kept under control and certified, the filters checked, safety sensors and purifiers are found in the kitchen, as well. Our staff regularly attends training courses, guaranteeing the highest professional standards. These are but a few instances of the exceptional attention for details and quality you will find.

We warmly invite you to visit Le Torri di Bagnara on your next trip to Italy – and to contact us in the meantime for further details.

Address: Strada della Bruna 8,  loc. Solfagnano, Perugia (PG) Italy, Umbria
Telephone: +39 075 5792001
Email: info@letorridibagnara.it

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  • Villa Castle

    The Pieve San Quirico castle
    An exclusive rental of the Pieve castle on a weekly - Saurday to Saturday - basis is requested. It features 15 beds - 6 double bedrooms + 1 triple. All with ensuite bathroom and AC.

  • Tower apartments
    Apartments can be rent in addition to the Pieve castle only.

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Tailor your stay with our extra services and authentic experiences when you book. All hotel services at top level are available on request.