Pool & Gardens


The Castle features an infinite very private panoramic overflow salt water pool, having the shape of a fan and featuring a cascade for the water recycling – that makes a relaxing sound – and a broad wooden shelter.

Pool is in white stone and is in the centre of a large manicured garden (5.000 sqm), designed by the famous Tuscan landscape designer Alberto Margheriti. Gardens are embroidered by flowers (roses, santoline, perovskia, and thyme), pomegranate and cherry trees, with cratecus, laurel, rosemary and lavender bushes, oak and olive trees, and are continuously in flower from spring to autumn. At the base of each olive tree there are lamps that can be lit to create a fabulous atmosphere for parties or other events. There are also a Botanical garden with aromatic plants and a small vegetable garden with vegetables to pick up and enjoy.

Thanks to its position, pool is sunny from dawn to dusk and looks over the enchanting Tiber Northern Valley, the surrounding hills, mount Subasio and Assisi on its foot.

Guests, have at their disposal chairs, deckchairs, sunbeds, bath-towels, shower, and telephone; the broad wooden shelter, surrounded by jasmines and roses, is perfect to relax and for having meals. It features outdoor furniture.

Pool is open from end of April to end of October.
120 sqm wideness, 148 cm depth; length west side 13 metres; length east side 15,60 metres; width: 7,5 metres.




Since the property has a License, our swimming pool has all the security features and devices requested by Law:

  • it is  148 cm deep and there are no skimmers, so the Law does not require a lifeguard; moreover, life preserver rings and a pole for assistance are placed adjacent to the pool;
  • there is an outdoor shower and a foot washer is placed at the entrance of the pool area to avoid hygienic risks;
  • there is a 1,5 metre travetine paved area around the pool to prevent from slipering;
  • a water bacteriological analysis, carried out by an accredited laboratory,  is done before re-opening the pool and in mid-season, so as to grant its utmost quality;
  • a pool supervisor is appointed: he tests the water twice per day and adjusts PH levels (early in the morning and after sunset so to respect your privacy), keeps a daily journal where tests, cleaning, inspections, the products put in the water and used to clean the area around it are recorded. The latter must comply with law standards.


***In Italy 90% of the villas to rent –  even the most luxurious and expensive ones –  are unlicensed.  They are merely private houses rented out to travelers.  This means that they are not subject to the same superior degree of safety and security standards requested by Law to a licensed property. They have merely private pools where the presence of safety devices is not granted.
So, before booking a private unlicensed villa, ask if the pool has any security characteristic and device, who does the daily water test, if the water bacteriological analysis has been made, ecc.